Orli Living


The moment I clicked on to Laura's website (based on a recommendation) , I fell in love with her work. The gorgeous texture and hand illustrations of her portfolio just jump out at me and immediately stood out from all the other web designers' sites I had looked at. Meeting Laura in person made me realise I didn't have to look any further..I found THE web designer. She won me over with her warmth and humour. She is talented AND nice! 

Laura helped me crystallise my branding. I had a vision for my brand but she brought it to life with the look and feel. Her ability to channel the vision I had for my company into the logo, images and illustrations is just amazing. Her illustrations reflected exactly what I had in mind for my brand....and probably more.


“The process of working with her has been never felt like 'work'. It felt like hanging out with a friend to achieve a goal”.


“Every meeting was a joyful, laughing learning experience”.


“She is knowledgable without being preachy and frank without being rude”.

The illustrations and visuals were the foundations. She then built the website around those visual concepts. It is always great working with Laura. She is knowledgable without being preachy and frank without being rude. Every meeting was a joyful, laughing learning experience.

Laura has great depth of technical knowledge and is spot on with suggestions. She made sure we were always on the right track. Apart from being a designer, she also has a keen understanding of consumer behaviour and patterns. She knows what works and what doesn't. This is so important as a website has to flow in an intuitive and user friendly fashion. 

She created a website for me that showcased the products without it being 'in your face'. She is a talented photographer and I have learnt a few tricks from her along the way. Her photography skills gave the products texture and life. I am so glad I used her to photograph the whole product range as opposed to using product images directly from the suppliers. The products look so much more enticing on our website versus the same products on any other websites.


The positive feedback that I've received about the website is amazing. People have commented on the beauty of the logo and how appropriately it reflects the brand.

Other comments include words like "textured, beautifully illustrated, unique, different to other websites, easy on the eye" and of course equally importantly "it works well, looks amazing on mobile devices, easy to navigate". 

The process of working with her has been never felt like 'work'. It felt like hanging out with a friend to achieve a goal. I know she put it more hours on my website than I will ever be billed for. The illustrations and hand drawn fonts on its own are so time consuming to produce. She is a perfectionist in every way.

Laura has built me a website more gorgeous than I ever envisaged...that works perfectly well. There is a lot that goes into building a beautiful website. I would advise anyone who is thinking of 'building their own' e-commerce website to rethink it. It's much harder than you imagine. It's worth investing in someone who knows what they are doing. I invested in Laura and she became my technical web developer, illustrator, logo and branding designer, photographer, social media advisor and marketing guru all packaged up in one bubbly, spirited person.  

Thank you Laura.